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Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program helps diabetic & pre-diabetic people to achieve normal blood sugar levels without medication. The blood sugar of a diabetic person keeps going up & down despite taking regular medicine, their HbA1c levels always remain in the diabetic range, which is above 6.3 and their health-related problems like heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease keep increasing even if they regularly visit a doctor.  We help a diabetic person achieve normal blood sugar levels by suggesting a small change in daily food habits. We help them keep their HbA1c in the non-diabetic range, which is below 5.7 so that they can avoid any further organ damage due to diabetes.80 -90% of our clients achieve normal blood sugar levels without the medicine in just 90 days. Our clients feel more confident and have more control over diabetes.

  • Revertiz - 3 Months

    Valid for 3 months
Reduce your HbA1c

80% participants with Type 2 Diabetes reduced their HbA1c to pre diabetic levels within 6 months without medication

Manage your Weight

Almost all obese and overweight patients lost considerable weight while on Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program.

Cut Down on Medication

Our objective is to take the patient off medications as soon as possible. 80% of participants reduce their use of diabetes medicines within 3 months

Holistic Improvement in Health

90% of participants achieve drastic improvement in major health parameters like BP, cholesterol, thyroid etc.

Dedicated Diabetes Coach

You will be assigned a dedicated Diabetes Coach who will provide diet consultation every 15 days. If you require assistant in between, he/she will be available on Whatsapp

Live Yoga & Workout Sessions

Daily Live Yoga and Workout sessions are held, you will be provided with the recordings in case you miss the workout session on your Revertiz Portal