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Certificate Course in Diabetes Reversal

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One of the Finest Self-Paced Online Course in Diabetes Reversal with content prepared by Industry Leading Faculty. Become a Diabetes Reversal Coach with Us.

Inroads to Health & Wellness

With the rising incidences of chronic lifestyle diseases, stress and other ailments, the Health and Wellness industry in India is currently valued at ₹490 Billion with an annual growth rate of 5% over the next 5 years. Our Certificate Course in Diabetes Reversal can be your gateway into this burgeoning industry.

Learn from the Experts

Powered by Diabexy, an industry leader in Diabetic Friendly Food, the Certificate Course is conducted by Mr Lokendra Tomar and his team.

Be the Change

With our holistic wellness coaching approach, you gain the tools to let you be a source of positive change. You can turn your desire to make a difference in people's lives into a rewarding source of income.

Course Format

Students will be provided 20 hrs of video content and study material to study. Upon completion after 3 months, they are eligible to attend a graded online MCQ exam. eCertificate for Certificate course in Diabetes Reversal will only be provided upon successful completion of the course exam.

Course Summary

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Hours of Curated Content
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Class Video Recordings
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Month Access
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Anatomy and


Food & Nutrition

 Diabetes & its





Management of




Management of


Pharmocology of

Anti Diabetes Drugs

Diabetes and Allied


Exercise Physiology in Diabetes 

 Course Modules 


Upon Succesful completion of the course, each student will be given a Virtual Certificate of Completion.


Mr. Lokendra Tomar

Diet Educator & Founder of Diabexy

Working on his noble mission to eradicate Diabetes from India by 2047, Mr. Tomar works on educating and motivating people to reverse their Diabetes through his YouTube channel Diabexy. His mantra is "Use Knowledge and Discipline to Reverse your Diabetes".

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Assistant Manager

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