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About Us


Mr. Lokendra Tomar is a Diet Educator and working on his noble mission to eradicate diabetes from India by spreading scientific knowledge in simple language and motivating people to maintain dietary discipline through his YouTube channel Diabexy. 

Author of "New Theory of Diabetes"

One of India's leading brands in diabetic foods, Diabexy offers a wide variety of products and services for Diabetics. Our Atta, range of Cookies, Diet Plans, Diabetes Reversal Programs, Workshops and other services give Diabetics all the tools to help them manage their bloods sugars and reverse their Diabetes.

We have spent the last decade researching and developing a range of diabetic friendly tasty food products. Our range of food products have a very low Glycemic load* - almost 90% less than regular food products.

Our mantra is simple – Help reverse and end Type 2 Diabetes and manage Type 1 Diabetes. Our range of products are made to be tasty and diabetic friendly.
Coupled with our diet plan, tools and consultation sessions, Diabexy food products are your answer to help reversing Diabetes.

*Glycemic load is the amount ones blood sugar is impacted upon eating a certain food item.

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