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What Our Customers Say 

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  • Revertiz - 3 Months

    Valid for 3 months
    • 6 Live Workshops with Lokendra Tomar and Team
    • Dedicated Diabetes Coach for you to Consult with
    • Consultation with Doctor every 15 days
    • Daily Group Live Yoga/Workout Classes on Zoom
    • Free Glycemic Load Chart
    • 5% Discount on Diabexy Products
LIVE Yoga/Workout Sessions

You will be given access to weekly live Zoom group sessions 

Power Yoga - Monday - 6PM to 7PM

Functional Workout - Tuesday - 7AM to 8AM

Workout - Wednesday - 6PM to 7PM

Yoga - Thursday - 6PM to 7PM

Core Training - Friday - 6PM to 7PM

Workout - Saturday - 7AM to 8AM

Yoga - Sunday - 8AM to 9AM

Members Only Benefits

Dedicated Access to our Revertiz Portal where you will be able to access

Tracking for your Blood Sugars, Food and Exercise Logs

Glycemic Load Calculator

Previous Workshop Recordings

Free Downloadable Glycemic Load Chart

5% Exclusive Members Only Discount on Diabexy Products

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