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Medical Consultation


Revertiz Diabetes Reversal Program

Revertiz is a 6 month guided diet based Diabetes Reversal Program which includes personalised diet consultations, workshops, live workouts and more

Personal Consultation with Mr Lokendra Tomar

For an in depth consultation with Mr. Lokendra Tomar; our founder, diet coach and pioneer in Diabetes Reversal in India

Watch Past Workshops on Demand

Catch one of our previously held workshops on topics ranging from Weight Gain in Diabetes to PCOS and Gestational Diabetes

One on One Consultation with a Diabexy Certified Doctor

Private one on one consultation with Diabexy certified doctors. We have specialists in Diabetes Reversal and Management, Sexology and Infertility.

Become a Certified Diabetes Reversal Coach

Step into a career in the Health and Wellness Industry with an Online Certification in Diabetes Reversal - Powered by Diabexy.

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