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Chart analysis

Charts & Tools

Glycemic Load Chart 

With the Glycemic Load of over 300 Indian Food Items, this chart is the bedrock of our philosophy.

Gluco Data Log Book 

In order to help you in your journey to reverse diabetes, we have created a Gluco-Data Log Book for a complete year.

Insulin Resistance Calculator

Insulin Resistance is an important parameter in determining how much your Diabetes has progressed.

15 Day Diet Plan 

Carefully curated 15 Day Diet Plan - designed for Diabetics. Each Diet Plan has a Glycemic Load of under 25.

Carbohydrate Chart 

This chart contains Net Carbohydrates per 100 gm of more than 280 food items. 

Is My Diabetes Reversible?

Fill in a few essential information and find out if your Diabetes is reversible with our form. 

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